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We are a community for creators, performers, singers, and dancers inspired by Japanese-style idol culture. In our discord, you will find members from all around the world who are passionate about odorite, utaite, net-idols, and more.Our goal is to bring people together who have a passion for performing/singing/dancing/content creation and connect them with the appropriate resources they need to help reach the next stage. We are all united by our passions, so we’re here to help foster a better resource and better connections with one another, so that we may all improve in both skill and character.Currently, our discord server stands at over 600 active members strong.

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About Alexis

Staff Member Alexis's Profile Photo

Alexis, She/HerAdminHey there, sunshine! I’m Alexis, the triple threat variety idol from New York City determined to make you smile! I'm a member of Signals, but I'm primarily a soloist!!
I've been a performer for over 15 years, but I’ve been an idol since August 16th, 2019! The idol community is my home away from home, so I’m so happy and honored to be staff for International Idol Network!!

Top Left, Bottom Right Photos Credit: CaffeiiDiGi

About Lily

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Lily, She/HerAdmin, Graphic DesignerHi, I'm Lily! I also go by Kyra from IchigoRo!, an original idol duo based in central Ohio. I've been doing idol activities since 2018, and finally released an original song with my group in 2021.Before becoming an idol, I always loved to compete in masquerades at conventions, and take any opportunity to perform on stage! I'm also a freelance artist and graphic designer, under my (yet another) alias binnybun! I hope that with IIN, we can bring this community together and create a place to support, encourage, and learn from other idols!

About Ruuri

Staff Member Ruu's Profile Photo

Ruuri, She/Her • Head AdminNYAHO! My name is Ruu and I'm a 2.5D vtuber & idol! I've been an odorite for almost 10 years now, and after a long struggle with myself I decided to make the transition to become a solo idol! I founded IIN because my love for Japanese style idols made me to want to connect with other people with the same passions and create lasting friendships.

About Pan Ranger

Staff Member Pan Ranger's Profile

Pan Ranger, They/Them
Admin, Web Master
I’m Pan Ranger (or just Pan)! I’m a tokusatsu-themed alternative idol based in New Jersey. I'm also the orange Signal of Support in the group Signals! I debuted as an original concept idol in May of 2021, but participated in the odorite scene from 2012-2015 as a young teen and in cosplay cover groups since 2018.Outside of idol activities, I’m a multimedia artist and freelancer that specializes in illustration, video editing, and costuming. You can find my art under the name TIKIBATS.I help operate the Tri-State Idol Union, a similar resource network for idols based in the North Eastern US and currently staff for North West Idol Fest. When I initially came into the idol community in 2020, it was a slow period, but with so much potential. I’m excited to be staffing for IIN and to help this community grow. I'm here to help!(I also made this website that you're looking at! Thank you for visiting us!)

Top Right Photo by Brian Dang
Thumbnail and Bottom Photo by Simon Chambers

About Koda Ellis

Staff Member Koda Ellis's Profile

Koda Ellis, He/HimAdminHi I'm Koda! I am a solo indie alt idol from central Florida whose goal is to create powerful and nostalgic art through music, photo and videography while spreading the power of the JP alt idols that inspire me endlessly within my own community. I have been in the overarching "idol" community since 2011, with the more notable groups that I've been featured within in the past including Citrus, L-NAV/Mystiq Wish, and CYPH3R.mpk.I decided to join staff in 2021 when I saw opportunity for a much-needed change within the community's dynamic that could make it so anyone could feel like they belonged here regardless of what someone else's definition or standards of what an idol should be. I now feel proud to be apart of a community that raises each other up and pushes each other to be the best they can in their journey, no matter where or how you start it!

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About Ash

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Ash, They/HeAdminHello! I'm Ash. I'm a solo alternative idol inspired by Visual Kei and baroque aristocratic aesthetics. I'm also the signal of
Splendor in Signals! Previously, I was in a maid cafe and a dance cover group. I've been in the idol community since 2018.
Being staff for IIN is such an honor and hope we can foster a welcoming place for idols and fans alike!

Thumbnail Photo by Jokoto
Left Photo by KuriCosplays

About Cherry Wallflower

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Cherry, She/They
Admin, YouTube Manager
Cherry here~! I'm a solo performer and event producer originally from Florida, USA but currently living in South Korea as an English teacher by day and hopeful chika idol by night. My personal goal is to become an idol artist with a discography of original music. My community goal is to encourage others to build local idol music scenes and strive for the respect towards our artistry that we deserve!My first step into idoling was in 2014 when I formed the J-pop dance cover group FLA48. After my semester abroad in Japan and joining my university's idol dance circle, I was determined to bring that idol magic to others back home. In 2015, FLA48 rebranded into Citrus Idol Project: the first live performing singing and dancing J-pop idol cover group in Florida! In tandem with that, I performed singing and dancing solo as Cherry Wallflower and co-produced the hyperpop, anison, and J-pop idol hybrid club night music show, Kira Kira Pop. After Kira Kira Pop retired, I moved on to be the lead producer of the original concept idol-only focused show, Dream Stage.Dream Stage debuted at Anime Festival Orlando on its main events stage in 2019 but now is a stand-alone idol event operating online with its spinoff themed livestream shows such as "Dream Party" and "HallowDream" and in-person annual Valentine's Day show "Dream Valentine Live."I hope that I can inspire others to take matters into their own hands and strive to live their dream, no matter how small or low-budget the start may be!

Top Left Photo by Susumu Komatsu Photography, Bottom Left Photo by Mark Pariani

About Q

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Q, They/ThemAdminYahoh—! Hi everyone I'm Q! I am your local cryptid of IIN. I'm a 2D vtuber & idol currently stuck in your computer~! I've been in the idol community since late 2016 as a performer idol in multiple dance cover groups and then on 2019 I stepped into singing as well in my performance! Now in 2023 I'm fully stepping out as a soloist and I hope you're here to support me and all the other wonderful idols that make this community shine!

Top Left Photo by Susumu Komatsu Photography, Bottom Left Photo by Mark Pariani

IIN Partner: NorthWest IdolFest

North West Idol Fest Logo

Northwest IdolFest is a passion project founded by experienced event organizers. Our goal is to create an event space where idol fans of all types can gather and share in the unique joy that idols bring to our lives. Whether you’re a long-time wota or just getting into the scene, NWIF has a place for you!

IIN Partner: Tri-State Idol Union

Tri-State Idol Union Logo

Established in September of 2021, the Tri-State Idol Union is a networking and resource community dedicated to advancing and connecting idol-inspired performers who are based in the North Eastern United States.We are currently focused on creating for-idol-and-wota-by-idol-and-wota projects such as community sourced tutorials, events, panels, and resource guides.